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Ronin is a solo RPG in which the player builds the story of a wandering warrior in search of redemption.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Tagsjapan, samurai, Solo RPG, Tabletop


Get this game and 148 more for $10.00 USD
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Ronin_english.pdf 2 MB
Ronin_sheet.pdf 1 MB


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What does destroying an enemy's blade do (jitte)? Does it have any mechanical impact on the game or is it just narrative?

I picked up this game from The Solo But Not Alone 3 promotion. Does anyone have the English character sheet PDF? My PDF is in English but the character sheet is in Portuguese.

Hi Mike!
I just uploaded the english character sheet!


Thank you so much. 

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Like others, this is my first Solo RPG and my experience with Ronin is great! The simpler approach to the oracle and combat mechanics allow me to immerse in the role-playing much better than I thought before going in. Definitely worth a purchase for me!

The only nitpick I have is that the urban encounter table may become repetitive as the session goes further. But, my session was pretty long due to some bad rolls. So, your experience may vary!

This is a fun game!

Is there any chance that the print edition would be made available in the US? Also, I would love to pay for an english version of Nebula Pirates of Marduk and Hunter's Diary if you get the chance to translate them. For now I'm leveraging my understanding of spanish and latin, along with Google translate to work through the portuguese but it's a less than ideal solution.

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Is there an English character sheet available?  I just downloaded and looks like it's still the non-English one.  

Parabéns pelo trabalho!


The character sheet on the English download is in Portuguese.  Is there another place to download an English one? I actually just used a journal instead, but it would be nice to have. Enjoying the game and the story it creates. Thank you.


I purchased your game, and I'm very excited to get started. However, I noticed a few errors in the writing. Would you like me to point these out, or are you pretty well set with the game as it is? 


It's fine. The only weird error is the table reference, but all tables are there! There is no Table 16, and when its referenced, its the table 19.


Hi I am ata stage where it tells me to reveal the final Villian and says table 16. I dont see a table 16, my copy goes from Table 15 Occupation to Table 17 Exotic Location. Am I supposed to skip ahead to table 19 which listsFinal Villian?

Yes! It was a mistake. Its the final villain table.

tha k you

I noticed that the English pdf had a Spanish character sheet in the back instead if an English one. It's easy enough to track everything on a piece of scrap paper of course.

Great game. Easy mechanics and beautiful art throughout. Highly recommend for any Solo game enthusiasts.

Thanks Krakn!
I will fix that next week.
Thanks for the feedback and for your words!

i saw the same thing. Is there an English Version?


This is such a cool game. I love the way it doesn't rely on yes/no oracles etc to drive the narrative.  I have written a small review on my solo RPG blog https://rpgsologames.com/ronin-review/

Thanks for the review; I'm going to go for it thanks to what you said!


Ronin is a solo masterpiece. It takes you by the hand and teach you the basic steps about how a solo game works.

Very fun to play, and have the feudal japan atmosphere!



This is the first solo RPG I ever played, and I highly recommend it for both those who have never tried solo play, and for experienced solo players, since it has a very original, but simple approach.